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Description:We all have our own stories to tell. It's all about how you learn other peoples' as well as sharing your own.

Who am I?

I entered the social media world back when I first got a computer but joined the Real Estate community in 2011. I have worked on Market Leader, Realty101 and now's social media. It's been an amazing experience connecting with people all over the world.

I've learned a few important things when it comes to social media. Conversation is key, even if you're not the most memorable or funny guy in the room, at least you've put yourself out there. It's always surprising to me the relationships you can build just by saying hello.

I've also learned to be yourself. This is one of those cheesy "obvious" things everyone should know but it is hard when representing a company or if you have goals in mind. Really the only goal you need to focus on is making conversation and that happens if you relax and let your personality shine. There are hundreds of other experts in the field so instead of just joining that group of people, set yourself apart with who you are.

We all have our own stories to tell. Everyone has something unique about them it's just a matter of finding it out about them!